Friday, March 26, 2010

Breasfeeding and Cancer in the News

Several new outlets are reporting on a new study that states the long term brestfeeding my be tied to more aggressive kinds of breast cancer.

Long-Term Breast-Feeding Tied to More Aggressive Cancers Though nursing is thought to reduce risk, more advanced tumors noted in study.

According to the article;
Women who breast-feed for six months or more face a higher risk of developing the most aggressive types of breast cancer, but it's not clear whether there's a cause-and-effect relationship, a new study finds.

Maria Cheng of The Associated Press, writes in an article titled Experts debate merits of breast cancer screening;
At a breast cancer conference Friday in Barcelona, experts discussed how to implement mammogram screening programs across Europe, balancing fighting cancer with the goal of targeting only those women who need to be screened.


gracielynn's said...

well that is proof positive, stuidies are totally bogus ! the breast cancer risk has nothing to do with a totally , as God Intended, natural feeding!! give me a break !
in fact just 40 yrs ago woman ALWAYS b-fed for at least 2 yrs.
why were most siblings spaced 2 yrs apart. cuz most woman b-f 2 yrs & most didn't have their cycles for 2 yrs. bogus.. Wonder WHO paid for this study? perhaps formula companies ? I would love to read the 'donar's who support this. maybe more woman are getting wise the natural way & cutting into their profits.
ALWAYS Follow the money :-)

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Hoe said...

I wonder how many people are included in the study. No point having just 30 case studies, and then a conclusion.

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